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The message is applicable to both children and adults in need of inspiration. DeLovell is product of this message as he continues to achieve new heights beyond his upbringing. We [Hillside Connection] will share this book with our youth!


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A Creative Elixir for Budding Problem Solvers
Story By
DeLovell Earls
Illustrated By
Ellie Bird
Copies Sold of 1,000
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The Mission

Cultivate a WHATIFFER mindset in readers of all ages!


By doing so, I believe we’ll bear witness to individuals who have a more profound sense of belonging — humans who are inspired and confident in their ability to design, overcome challenges, and make a magical difference with their creativity. 

The Goal

The Goal of this Preorder Campaign is to sell 1,000 copies of WHAT IF... 


 WE could use your help in spreading the word! 


You're an early adopter, and therefore, your preorder purchase of WHAT IF... will be rewarded. The proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the following products and services:

  • Shipping + Transfer Fees

  • Print Deposit (2/2)

  • 2000 Shipping Boxes

  • Storage

The preorder campaign will continue to run (until June 9th!), once over, the discounted packages will disappear! SEE PREORDER PACKAGES.


Any proceeds from sales after we reach our goal will go towards paying Ellie (illustrator), marketing, AND the making of our next book! 

Thanks for your help!! Much love! 


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The Book

In WHAT IF…  a toy model springs to life to guide his perplexed, young creator on a journey through time and space. "Tinker" poses the question,  "What if ‘WHAT IF’ didn't exist?" to the kid. Together, they embark on a quest during which they discover fire with cavepeople, explore the world, navigate our solar system, and even collaborate with extraterrestrials! When faced with challenges, the little innovators don’t give up. They ask, “What if…?” and create solutions!


The Author

Migrate Rollers Headshots Deer Creak Park-7205-2018.jpg

My name is DeLovell Earls. I am a former Division I basketball player turned coach. Former Air Force Officer turned Inventor/Entrepreneur. I’m a creative, compassionate individual who finds a deep sense of purpose in working with little humans. It’s my mission to make an impact on the world around me through designing solutions and products. I want to give back to my community as much as possible, and I hope that I’m an example and proof to others that they can do the same. 

I'm from the “Southside” of Colorado Springs. As outgoing and artistic as I was, I devoted much of my youth to sports because a small part of me thought it was the only way out/to achieve my goal of being in a position to give back on a massive scale. 

WHAT IF... started as a poem that I wrote for myself to remind myself to keep going. I haven't shared something so close to my heart, so I have to thank my SUPER TALENTED illustrator for bringing my words to life, and I hope the story inspires you or someone you know.


The Illustrator

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 12.02.40 PM.png

My name is Ellie Bird, and I am an art teacher and freelance illustrator.

I’ve been driven by my creative spirit since childhood when the room was constantly littered with crayons, colored pencils, and happy doodles. Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of sharing my passion for art with my students. I encourage my classes to trust their imaginative

intelligence as they learn the creative process. One of my favorite quotes is this one from Albert Einstein…

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”


I firmly believe the mind and soul strengthen when one exercises their imagination and creates art. The act of creating teaches practical skills and qualities such as patience, intentionality, conceptualizing, and hand-eye coordination. It also opens our perspective to traits of the divine such as creativity, appreciation of beauty, and self-expression. 


The Moral of the Story

There’s a common misconception that creativity is reserved for those who are good at art. It kills me when I hear someone utter the phrase, “I’m not creative." I’ve heard my friends, players, classmates, and students say these words more times than I wish to admit and it hurts my heart. I truly believe creativity is an empowering force that is accessible to all. Think of it this way; your own voice contributes to humankind’s growth — anytime you overcome an obstacle or problem. If you’re wondering what you can contribute, that answer varies for everyone, but the simple fact remains that you can contribute. The book WHAT IF is an elixir for creative confidence, inspiring readers of all ages to learn to use their imaginations to craft change and be persistent in their creative journeys because we're all capable of changing the world around us and making it better. 


Launch Schedule


Establish the creative direction of the book!

Finalize editing with a reputable editor!


Spring 2022

Accomplish Presales Goal!!!

Summer 2022

Sign all of the copies sold in the prelaunch!!

Receive shipment of the bulk order!

Order 2,000 books from supplier!


Find Illustrator! Yay Ellie!! 

Finalize the illustrations and formatting!

Create a "Dummy" (rough draft) version of book!

Ship out the rewards!

*Subject to change based on supply chain operation status — will communicate!


Preorder Packages

We're offering special pre-sale packages for early adopters.


These packages are composed of various rewards/products that are offered at a discount — all profits from the proceeds will go directly to launch activities disclosed above


Your support means the world, and will ensure that we're able to have a successful launch to the public later this summer! 

$15 "Early Bird" Package


100 total 

Early Birds received:

  • A sneak peek at the prototype flipbook (immediately)

  • One Signed Hardcover Copy of "WHAT IF..." EST. SHIPPING: JULY 2022

    • Expedited Shipping Available (+$10 for May 2022)​

  • Your name will live on the Thank you wall


746 of 0.9375 Available


8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 


American Martyrs School

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8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 


American Martyrs School

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8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

WHAT IF... | The P!

AFA Prep School

877 of 0 Available


8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

1 SIGNED Copy of WHAT IF...

82 of 1 Available


1 Signed Copy

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

2 SIGNED Copies of WHAT IF...

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2 Signed Copies

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

5 SIGNED Copies of WHAT IF...

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5 Signed Copies

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

10 Copies of WHAT IF...

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10 Copies

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

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10 Copies

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

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20 Copies

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30 Copies

8x10 Hardcover Copy of WHAT IF... 

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