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Thank you for making WHAT IF... 
A Reality


                       Eager readers and supporters rushed to help WHAT IF... have a successful launch. The Preorder Campaign was 100% successful thanks to their help, and we're eternally grateful for each and every one of them! 


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The Jensen Family

Shelley, Jeff, Carter, and Averey

Charles and Julia Lewis

Shannon Coker

Regina Lewis

Reginaspeaks llc

Early Birds, OGs, and Eager Readers

Tana Young

Adrienne & John Banovetz

Keila R.

Armis S.

Marcus Malecek

Nick Daum

Lisa R.

Leah White

Kristin C

Joey Davis

David Harris

Dan & Erika Carey

Justin Holman

Samuel A. Johnson

Amy Miller

Harold and Maureen Brown

Lakira L.

Maybel Nicolas

Gerraldine B.

Paula Scarbrough

Lauren Salz

Traphagan Family

Bonnie Bonnin

Jordan Pierce

Mike Puccio

ilex M.

Marc Lewis

Jabier P.


Mariah Doom

Gina Bonecutter

Grace Gibson

Arianna Santiago

Paul Conway

Marisa Lopez


Hudson Vincent

Alexander Robert LaLonde

Mary Ann Graves

Todd & Lauren Fletcher

Jim Cushman

Jac Maximilian Yon

Amy Droessler

Piper & Parker Allard

Ivan & Fynneas Smock and The M's, Izan & Jacelynn

Alex Raines

anne mosbach

Julaine Brandsoy

Drew Donlin

Courtney B.

Junyer Knight

Noah McComsey

Kevin Plascencia

Stephannie Ruberte

Brittney L.

Greg Potts


Sophie Hamann

Anne Moose

Taylor Distelrath

Pat Barnhorst

T. Tyler

Patrick McKiernan

Lee Henkel

Miranda Bray

Dylan Clark

Travis Page

Robert Earl McDougal IV

Christina Ness

Zach Kocur

DCBC Moving

Stacy Brewer

Kim, Kayla and Andreas

Kylie Williamson

Tony Thomas

Adrian and Katie Martinez

Jason D Christopher

Christopher Dailey

Susan Sheahan

Jill G.

Geoff Carrigan

Abigail & Maeve & Nyla

Joey Hahne


Naomi C.

Jeff and Lisa Scarcello

Jade Hayes

Travis and Becky Kirkland

The Cullity Family

Erin Thompson

Theo Chaltry

Sandi Mihaylova

Sammi Blaque

Dana J

Angela Apodaca

Amy Seeds & Jacob Richards

Gabe Yakoob

Barb Losoya

Barb Johnson

Kyle Broekhuis

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