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Call me a dreamer, but I truly believe WHAT IF... can inspire budding creatives to change the world. I would love to share my story, WHAT IF..., and the creative process with you and yours!

Classroom Virtual Visit

Enjoy a Reading + Q&A from Anywhere

Not in Colorado? No Problem! De can join via Zoom and take your class on a journey they won't forget!

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Storytime with Author

Storytime doesn't get any better! 

Your little Whatiffers can enjoy personalized video readings for birthdays and pep talks!

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Classroom Visit

Experience a Reading + Q&A

In Colorado? De will bring WHAT IF.. direct to your to your classroom for a reading and Q&A

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Design Workshop

Storytime doesn't get any better! 

De creates school and grade specific design sprints to teach design thinking and inspire problem-solving

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Creative Writing Workshop

Create a Story by Design

De will introduce and walk students through his writing and creative process!

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Speaking Engagement

Storytime doesn't get any better! 

De's story has been shared at elementary schools, top universities, and nonprofit conferences. 

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Book an Author Visit (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1. Start Planning

Define the budget!

If possible, have your budget for the appearance pre-approved by your organization before you submit your request. Pricing options are below!


The industry standard for In-person honoraria (established speaking fees) typically ranges from $500 to $2,500 per day — not including expenses).


DeLovell charges $125 per hour spent at your location (does not include expenses.) For visits outside of 50 miles of 80906 area code, expect to incur charges for gas. For any visits between 120-300 miles of Colorado Springs, expect to pay for gas, three meals, and at least one night in the hotel. Any visit beyond 300 miles will be subject to flight, and transportation.

What if this is out of our budget?

What do you want the experience to look like?

We currently have four  (4) different offerings for an author appearance.  

Note Expenses such as travel, lodging, and meals for in-person appearances will be agreed to prior to confirmation. All expenses will be paid immediately following the charge. 

Prior to the visit, you will need to have purchased one  (1)  classroom bundle. The author or illustrator expects you to have the books on hand for signing before or after an in-person appearance. Be sure to place your order here

WHAT IF... This is Out of Budget

If you do not have a budget for a visit you can apply here. 

Additionally, you can conduct a book drive to cover the cost. Essentially, you would need to direct your community to buy 100 books through your portal if the visit is within reasonable driving distance of the author or illustrator. The goal will change based on travel expenses. 

We are working on partnerships with grants to cover the cost of schools and organizations without the financial means. 

Do a Virtual Reading

DeLovell charges $100 per 1-hour virtual session for a classroom of up to 40 students. 

Other Ideas to Raise Money

Step 2. Request a Visit

You can request a visit by following this link. 

Step 3. Wait for an Answer

We'll get back to you as fast as we can! If you don't receive a response within a week's time, please email:

Book a Visit

Thanks for the inquiry! I will get back to you shortly!

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I could use your help spreading the word!

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