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A Creative Elixir for Budding Problem Solvers!

In WHAT IF…  a toy model springs to life to guide its perplexed, young creator on a journey through time and space. "Tinker" poses the question,  "What if ‘WHAT IF’ didn't exist?" to the timid kid.

Together, they embark on a quest  they discover fire with cavepeople, traverse the world with explorers, navigate our solar system, and collaborate with extraterrestrials — designing their way back to reality

When faced with challenges, the little innovators don’t give up. They ask, “What if…?” and create solutions! 

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Picture Book
Ages 6-10
Design Thinking
BIPOC Author


is for the 


It's for the

timid tinker-ers,

and the never give-inners.

Open your mind;

the problem-solvers,

It's for the big thinkers,

the pros,
and the beginners.







make this
world better! 

Design what isn't there.

It's for the scalers
and the go-around-ers.

The day dreamers,


Product Info

8"x10" Hardcover book 


46 Pages


Black and white hand-drawn illustrations


Arrives in 2-5 Biz Days Via Amazon

ISBN 979-8-9863643-1-5


Title: What If... - Children's Book for Grades 1-4 on Fostering Innovative Young Minds Through Design Thinking, Problem-Solving, and STEM Learning for a Brighter, Better World




Ignite your Children's Imagination: Join Tinker and The Kid on a journey through time and space as they ask, “WHAT IF?” and design their way back to reality! Dive into this tailor-made book perfect for young adventurers and daydreamers. This engaging read serves as a gateway to inspiration.


Fuel Your Curiosity and Exploration: Your children will embark on a captivating journey where they will explore the fundamentals of STEM and design thinking. Watch as they evolve from little daydreamers into budding young innovators turning whimsical ideas into tangible realities: help cave people invent the wheel, set sail on imaginative voyages, and take flight to uncharted worlds!


Problem-Solving for Children: WHAT IF… is a blueprint for positive thinking. This story teaches that solutions come in many shapes and sizes. It's alright to make mistakes—what's important is to learn and grow.


Design a Better World: Elevate their understanding of teamwork and resilience through this engaging call to action for young minds to tackle real-world problems and imagine brighter futures.


Children's Self-Discovery: Whether you have a budding scientist or an aspiring artist, this book nurtures creativity universally. It's a valuable addition to any young reader's collection, encouraging self-exploration and imagination.


For Teachers and Parents: If you're on the hunt for educational materials that stand out, WHAT IF... is the perfect choice. It makes a thoughtful gift and is an excellent resource for classrooms.


Terrell B.

Non Profit Founder

average rating is 3 out of 5

DeLovell is product of this message as he continues to achieve new heights beyond his upbringing. We (Hillside Connection) will share this book with our youth!

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